Are you in need of a last-minute boost of knowledge or confidence before the NCLEX? You have come into the right place because Ascend Review Institute would give you more than what you need. We provide the most comprehensive Boot Camp that would definitely prepare you for your most awaited examination. We are offering exciting as well as very energetic NCLEX Review Boot Camp that would definitely boost your knowledge before taking the NCLEX.


Effective Review Program

We understand that you definitely need the best review as possible because this is the only way for you to pass the examination. Knowing that passing the examination would serve as your stepping stone in your future career, you can guarantee that our review would become the greatest way in order to achieve what your ultimate goal is. Our review for nursing students is very comprehensive and at the same time very effective, so rest assured that you would pass the examination.


Our review is not mainly designed as a very quick way of memorizing the high-yield topics or the test questions itself. Instead, our course primarily focuses on the comprehensive review of the clinical nursing concepts and most of all the critical-thinking skills.

Our Main Goal

Our main goal is for you to pass the upcoming NCLEX on your attempt. The majority of the students mainly report passing the examination after a minimum (75 / 85) questions. We want to provide you with a high quality review program essential for leading you to the development of the highly skilled professionals who would promote the society’s quality education, safety, and health for the global interest.  We aspire to be the best review institute and so you can always expect that we would provide you exact preparation for the upcoming examination.

We are committed and dedicated in providing high quality programs that nursing students need the most. We are here to deliver the best preparation that you cannot be found from other review institutes. We are doing this mainly because we want you to become part of your success in the future. Our acclaimed, dedicated, charismatic, and skilled staff are the ones who would provide you with the most up-to-date type of curriculum. This is to ensure that you would pass the NCLEX without having too much difficulty. We know how hard your situation is and so we are doing the rest that we can to help you when it comes to preparing for your most awaited examination.

We are your partner in turning your ultimate vision into reality. We would help you in your way to success and expect that you would definitely have a bright future with us. A nursing student like you deserves to experience the best preparation for your upcoming examination, so we are here to guide you all throughout your journey. We want to become part of your success, so what are you waiting for? This is now the best time to enroll in our program and be amazed at what the result would be.

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