Ascend Review Institute maintains a 98% passing rate for the NCLEX examination. While providing the most comprehensive and intensive review program available, ARI offers NCLEX review classes that are 80 to 90 hours length with both one month courses and weekend classes. In addition Ascend offers a choice of either in-classroom participation or attendance through a live online review program via the Internet in the comfort of students’ own homes or offices. While some students prefer the highly rated in-classroom programs, Ascend also offers a similar experience for its online students by making it possible for them to experience the online sessions at precisely the same time as those in the classroom are reviewing. ARI is the first NCLEX review program to provide a LIVE online review class, bringing the charismatic, energetic and highly interactive classroom presentation Ascend is known for to students in their own environments via the Internet.


ARI offers in-service training on an ongoing basis for nurses as they initially prepare to accept a job or after they begin their work responsibilities. Our program helps nurses prepare and learn the specialized requirements prior to working in skilled nursing facilities. Attending the Ascend program helps care providers become familiarized with the skilled nursing setting. During the seminar, the ARI instructor will review common occurrences that nurses may likely experience in a skilled nursing facility setting. Incidents of negligence, battery and malpractice do sometimes occur. Our seminar help to educate nurses regarding how to avoid such incidents.

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