4 Seats Available

Venue: Arden Star Hotel Cal Expo. 1413 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825

Registration Fee:  New Student $799           Payment plan $400       Returning student / ARI Alumni $499 

Click the link to pay online:   New Student      Payment plan      Returning student


Click here 2018 NCLEX Review Schedule 

Space is limited

There are two ways to pay your class. 

1. Online: We accept all major credit cards

New Student $799 

Payment plan $400   *Full amount of the tuition fee is due before or on  the 1st day of  class. Failure to pay the tuition fee will result in cancellation of registration.

Returning student / ARI Alumni $499 

2. By Mail: You can  pay the applicable fees by personal check or money order payable to Ascend Review Institute.  Mail it to 1798 Technology Suite 242. Dr. San Jose, CA 95110


Enrollment fee includes: 

1-  Didactic session

2- Review materials

3- Online practice test

4- Individualized evaluation prior taking the examination



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