1. How do we register for the NCLEX Review program?

Online Registration:

1.) Click on the link  ONLINE REGISTRATION and then select which program you wish to attend

2.) Fill up the registration form and pay the required enrollment fee for the program.

2. How is ARI different from other programs? Compare and contrast:


 Other Review Programs

Live and Interactive Review Classes
ARI offers live, energetic and invigorating classes both live in the classroom and LIVE online. We work with our students at the same time they are preparing for the examination to help motivate each student to study while developing greater confidence along the way. confidence.  As out testimonials demonstrate, students will have fun and learn at the same time.

 Lectures in classroom and non-interactive online classes
Online programs are pre-recorded and scripted, leaving many students far less motivated. This methodology during the review class often means that students might have some questions in their minds that the instructor cannot answer because the online class is pre-recorded.  In addition these classes are often boring and stale, with content that is not appropriately updated.

Topics focus on the actual exam coverage At ARI we have a course outline that we follow to make sure we cover the most important and essential topics that our students need to know prior taking the examination. Our constantly updated curriculum and content provides you not only with the key information that you need but additionally, teaches students how to apply the knowledge they gained in nursing school on the NCLEX examination.

 Often stale, outdated curriculum
Other programs aim to tackle the concepts discussed in nursing school in a short time, without categorizing which information are “must-knows.”  They also cannot match Ascend Review Institute’s proven method of constantly updating the curriculum to remain on the leading edge of knowledge, giving ARI students a decided advantage when entering the examination room.

Updated online practice questions As part of our continuing commitment to excellence, to our students and to remaining current with our curriculum we constantly update our online practice questions, ensuring that ARI students have only the latest information in preparation for the NCLEX examination.

Outdated/standard practice test examination Other programs often use outdated test questions and don’t recognize the importance of remaining as current and updated as possible and thus don’t strive on a constant basis to update their practice questions as we do at Ascend Review Institute.

More review hours 80 to 90 hours of live review class. Flexible time. Offers weekend class schedule.

Less hours Other programs range between 16 hours and  60 hours of class time with a class duration of between three days and two weeks in length

Ascend Review Institute offers free individualized instruction, assessment and evaluation prior to taking the examination. We are well known for our total and completely individualized commitment to each of our students.  At ARI we will be there for you until you take and pass your examination.

Most others are commercialized “production line” types of programs. At the time you finish the review class you have to work hard on your own and think what to do next with your review and preparation for the exam.  Our active graduates and their testimonials prove that at Ascend Review Institute our focus on individual attention never wavers.

3. Is it guaranteed that I will pass my examination when I attend the review class?

Ascend Review Institute has an unparalleled 98% passing rate.  This is due to our cutting edge approach to NCLEX review course which includes the most up-to-date content and curriculum available anywhere.  Coupled with our test-taking techniques and strategies and our motivational approach to teaching we have a passing rate that is the envy of other programs. Our paramount goal is for you to pass the NCLEX examination.  Almost all of our students pass on the first try after taking our course we do guarantee that we will work with you until you successfully pass the NCLEX as long as you do your part, including diligently attending the entire review class. In addition, your program instructor will evaluate your test-taking skills and level of competence while giving you individualized coaching and evaluation. After the review program you will be advised if you are ready to take the exam.  In some cases, students will need reinforcement with some subjects prior to taking the exam.  In these rare instances we offer access for free to our ongoing live review programs for three months after completing the class. This is because at Ascend Review Institute the only thing that matters is your success with the examination.  Thus, we guarantee that we will stay with you each and every step of the way.

4. What is the cost of the program, and how does it compare to others?

The cost of our program is extremely reasonable and helps to insure the much larger expenditure that you invested in nursing school. In addition the cost of our class is lower than almost every other program available, while also including more class hours and individual coaching. Costs are as follows for our comprehensive, all-inclusive review for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses):
Weekday class / Weekday Class
NCLEX In- Classroom Review: $799.00
Intravenous and Blood Withdrawal Certification: $399.00

5. Can I invite Ascend Review Institute to do a seminar in our school about test taking strategies?

Yes. Free of charge. We are willing to visit you and your classmates in your school to discuss the latest trends in NCLEX. This will help you in preparation for NCLEX and for your exit examination in school. The seminar is approximately four hours in length. We require a minimum of 10 students.

7. What are your terms and conditions?

NCLEX Review Terms and Conditions

  1. ARI shall continuously use its best efforts to provide an excellent NCLEX examination review program to Student, and Student shall use his/her best effort(s) to dedicating him/herself to preparing for the NCLEX examination;
  2. Student understands that he/she cannot reproduce, share, or otherwise disseminate the materials or content of the class nor use a recording device during class sessions without the express written permission of ARI, as the information, materials and teaching techniques are the intellectual property of Ascend Review Institute;
  3. ARI reserves the right to make changes to the scheduled program, said changes including but not limited to curriculum, instructors, or class locations(s) and date(s). While no changes to the curriculum and class schedule is anticipated, ARI reserves all rights to make such changes, should the need arise; Students are expected to attend the entire course to receive Ascend Review Institute participation credit;
  4.        Student understands that in order to maintain the quality of the program and to be fair to other students wishing to enroll, seats are generally limited for ARI classes.  Therefore, Student understands the following cancellation policy:
  5.         Students that cancel their participation within 3 days prior to the start of the class may do so at no charge or cancellation fee; 

b.)       Cancellation inside of 72 hours shall be subject to a thirty  (30) percent cancellation fee;                                                                                                    

c.)        Students that cancel on the first day of class shall receive no refund, although such students may apply the remainder of their tuition to a subsequent comparable ARI class within six (6) months of the cancellation date;

d.)       Should Student miss one or more class sessions (up to a total of three (3) (classes) during his/her course, Student may attend “make-up” classes in a subsequent ARI class within three (3) months of his/her original class schedule;

  1. Student understands and recognizes that from time to time ARI may take pictures or videos of the class sessions which may occasionally include students. Similarly, it is not unusual for fellow students to take group pictures with each other as part of their memory of attending the class and program.  While the use of the likeness of any specific or individual student is not anticipated or contemplated, Student hereby consents to the use of his/her likeness by Ascend Review Institute either as coincidental and as part of the live and interactive online review program or for promotional purposes.   
  2. ARI recognizes that some students desire to attend more than one program or alternatively, may wish to attend for a second time.  Student may enroll in a second ARI program within one (1) year of his/her original class completion date for only fifty (50) percent of the tuition charge and review materials fee.  This discount is offered to all Ascend Review Institute program participants;

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