Ascend Review Institute is directed by Matthew Cruz, RN.  Matt has emerged as a leader within the profession with a varied background that includes work as a nurse both in hospital and home health settings.  He has also been a professor of nursing at the university level and is well-known as an engaging and charismatic classroom teacher.  Perhaps above all else he is passionately dedicated not only the his chosen profession of nursing but additionally, to every student that he comes in contact with.
All faculty selected to teach within Ascend are carefully screened and meet the highest criteria.  All exhibit the core values that typify Ascend Review Institute and include integrity, an unyielding dedication to students and a desire to make a real and genuine difference in the lives of others.  They are also excellent classroom presenters with impeccable credentials and fluency in the methodologies that help keep students not only informed and educated but also enthusiastic and engaged each and every step of the way.


Matthew Cruz RN,BSN
Program Director

Ascend Review Institute’s highly acclaimed director is a registered nurse that has developed a reputation as one of the finest young leaders within the profession. A gifted instructor known for his complete and total dedication to his students, Matt combines his love of nursing with a solid education that included graduating at the top of his own class, which was followed by a professorship at a leading nursing school.

Matthew has emerged as a leading instructor who offers NCLEX RN and LVN review programs to dedicated students that are keen to pass the licensure examination. As a nurse himself, Matthew has solid experience in the field of medical surgical, psychiatric and nursing case management in home health settings while also providing leadership and training to nurses working within all disciplines. Perhaps his greatest strength is his skill as a teacher, and the accolades he receives from students and program graduates are a testament to his true calling. As reflected in testimonials and constant five star reviews from student after student, Matthew is known for his passion, commitment to excellence, and his complete and unwavering dedication to both the profession of nursing and to the success of his students. With charisma, knowledge and strength Matthew Cruz leads a classroom like no one else can.

In addition to leading Ascend Review Institute’s classroom efforts and ensuring that all instructors are of the highest caliber, Matthew has also designed a cutting edge program overall. Ascend’s programs are intense and generally longer in duration than those offered by others. This reflects Matt’s belief that students invest a great deal of time and money in licensure examinations as well as their overall nursing education and thus for many students, a program that is shorter in length does not adequately meet their own goals, objectives and test-taking skill set. Additionally, Matthew ensures that the program’s curriculum is up to date in every aspect. All of this is reflective of Matt’s character and above all, his commitment to the success of his students. With a goal to make a real and genuine difference in the lives of his students, Matt leaves no stone unturned in his effort to put each student in a position to succeed on the exam.

For Matt, success is defined by doing what you love to do and doing it with adherence to character and integrity each and every step of the way. For Matt, the blend of teaching and nursing is a genuine and lifelong commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.




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