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Ascend Review Institute  maintains a 98% passing rate for the NCLEX examination. While providing the most comprehensive and intensive review program available, ARI offers NCLEX review classes that are 80 to 90 hours length with both one month courses and weekend classes. In addition Ascend offers a choice of either in-classroom participation or attendance through a live online review program via the Internet in the comfort of students’ own homes or offices. While some students prefer the highly rated in-classroom programs, Ascend also offers a similar experience for its online students by making it possible for them to experience the online sessions at precisely the same time as those in the classroom are reviewing. ARI is the first NCLEX review program to provide a LIVE online review class, bringing the charismatic, energetic and highly interactive classroom presentation Ascend is known for to students in their own environments via the Internet.

Ascend Review Institute is also proud to have developed a curriculum that is cutting-edge in every way, always updated with the most current trends relating to the NCLEX examination.  Practice tests familiarize students with the type and range of questions currently being asked on the NCLEX exam.

In addition, ARI is the only NCLEX reviewer that offers ongoing assistance to its students until they pass the examination. This typifies the complete and total dedication to its students that has made Ascend Review Institute a favorite choice among students that seek the best advantage possible prior to taking the NCLEX examination and that want to affiliate with a program that genuinely cares deeply about their ongoing success. Ascend instructors are always on-hand and available to meet individually with students both after class or outside of the class hours to discuss their progress, goals and objectives and to evaluate whether they are ready and prepared to take this important examination.

NCLEX Boot camp

Ascend Review Institute, the area’s most noted and successful NCLEX Review program is  offering an exciting and very energetic NCLEX Review Boot camp. This three day program offers students an eight hour per day class for those that want to cover the most important pointers they will need to know before prior to taking the NCLEX exam

This class is ideal for students who have already participated in a longer, comprehensive NCLEX review class or for those students that done a personal review while preparing for this all-important licensure examination.  Seats will fill quickly and will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Perfect for students who will take the NCLEX exam shortly after the date of this Ascend boot camp!

Program Features:

– More than 600 items, including NCLEX-style questions

– Discussion of the rationale for each question with Ascend’s expert NCLEX reviewer!

– 24 hour of the most intensive class hours ever offered anywhere in California or nationally, offered over three days



Ascend Review Institute is pleased to announce our new individualized tutoring program, offering students the opportunity to meet personally with one of the country’s leading NCLEX review experts!

For students that are looking to insure their investment of time and money at nursing school or from their review program and that would like to have an extra boost of knowledge and confidence we offer the following fees for our NCLEX Review Tutorial program (either live in-person or via the Internet):

       One hour program total:  $60.00

      Two hour program total:  $100.00

 Three hour program total: $170.00

Inclusions and perks for this individualized and customized program include:

Online simulated examination for all of the above time periods, as follows:

  • LVN’s – 205 Items assessment test
  • RN’s – 265 Items assessment test

The aforementioned exam will be taken online prior to the tutorial session(s) so that we can assess which areas a student should focus upon during their individual tutorial sessions.

In addition, all students enrolled in our individualized and private tutorial program shall enjoy the following inclusions and perks:

One hour tutorial program: 

  1. Simulated examination followed by test result evaluations
  2. Determination of strong and weak areas based upon results of the aforementioned simulated exam.
  3. Discussion of personalized study plan
  4. 30 Minute Tutorial: Covering topics in nursing that each student would like to review or learn more about. If you already are aware of the areas that you would most like to focus upon please include the topic(s) that you would like to request on your tutorial registration form.

Two hour tutorial program:  Includes all of the above, as well as:  Customized discussion of test taking strategies featuring the enrolled student answering practice questions with the instructor while discussing how best to come up with the possible answer using Ascend’s well-regarded and highly successful test taking techniques and strategies.

Three hour tutorial: For the more comprehensive three hour individual tutoring program everything listed above is included, plus:  Students will take online examinations covering medical, surgical, pediatric, psychiatric, and obstetric nursing, after which the instructor will evaluate the student’s strengths and weaknesses with an eye towards any areas that the student should focus upon as he or she prepares to take the NCLEX examination.

In addition, three hour tutorial students will review the important pharmacological topics covered on the NCLEX examination with the instructor.

We have often been asked whether we would offer tutoring for more than one student at a time.  Because we focus effort on an individual’s own specific and customized needs we generally prefer tutoring one student at a time.  However, we also understand that some students want to be tutored with a friend, relative or fellow student.  This may be permissible depending upon each set of circumstances, but only upon special permission from the Program Director.  Rates differ from those listed above.

Tutorial program terms and conditions:

1. Students absolutely must make a reservation by registering online,  email at register@ascendreviewinstitute.com or by telephone at 408.409.1112.  Drop-ins are not permitted.

2. We will be offering our in–person tutorial program at either of our two locations in the Bay Area, located in San Jose or Fremont.  We can also provide individual tutorials online and directly through a student’s computer or tablet.

3. Students should pay the tutorial fee 48 hours prior to the scheduled tutorial session. If a student is able to secure a more immediate or “last minute”  time slot due to cancellation by another student the fee can be paid as soon as the time slot is confirmed.  Should a student cancel their scheduled tutorial a full refund is available up until 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.  Tutorials canceled within 24 hours or less the fees paid are non-refundable.

4. Due to very high demand our time slots will often be fully booked in advance.  However, we do offer a waiting list to those students that wish to participate and sign up for our individual tutorial program but are not able to find a convenient time other than those time periods that are already booked by other students.  Waiting list name clearances and bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to students that attended an Ascend Review Institute NCLEX review program.

5. Students should complete all required simulated examination(s) prior to attending their one-on-one tutorial.

6. Students understand that individual tutorials are not a guarantee that a student will pass the NCLEX examination.  However, students also understand that our expert advice during the tutorial program is designed and customized based upon a combination of our knowledge of the NCLEX examination and its contents coupled with emphasis on those specific areas each individual student may want or need to shore up prior to taking the NCLEX exam.


ARI offers in-service training on an ongoing basis for nurses as they initially prepare to accept a job or after they begin their work responsibilities.  Our program helps nurses prepare and learn the specialized requirements prior to working in skilled nursing facilities. Attending the Ascend program helps care providers become familiarized with the skilled nursing setting. During the seminar, the ARI instructor will review common occurrences that nurses may likely experience in a skilled nursing facility setting. Incidents of negligence, battery and malpractice do sometimes occur. Our seminar help to educate nurses regarding how to avoid such incidents.