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Registration Fee: New Student: $399.00  Click here to PAY ONLINE

Ascend Alumni: $375.00  Click here to PAY ONLINE

Ascend Review Institute is Approved program by BVNPT Click here to see the list 

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Venue: 1798 Technology Dr. Suite 242 San Jose, CA 95110

At Ascend we recognize that you have several options to choose from when considering which IV training class to select. Whether you choose Ascend or not, here are several things to consider or questions to ask programs that you may be considering.

1.Is the program approved by the BVNPT?  View the list 

2. Is the time and schedule convenient and does it best fit my schedule?  

3.How many opportunities and times will I have to actually practice my IV and Blood withdrawal skills?

For example, here at Ascend we are focused on helping increase our students’ knowledge, but at the same time we help our students with their confidence related to IV therapy and blood withdrawal on the road to achieving IV certification.  We have artificial hands with artificial blood designed to help our students gain practical on-site experience when it comes to hitting the vein properly. Our investment in this state of the art equipment is designed to help our students practice until they are comfortable and confident and able to demonstrate proficiency with regard to the graded venipuncture.

4.How many students are in each class?

Some students are more comfortable in a large-scale class setting even though research has demonstrated that small group or class size is much more effective than larger groups of students.  At Ascend we cut off enrollment between 10 and 12 students.  Those looking for larger class size may wish to consider other programs, as we do understand that this can be a matter of personal preference.  However, if a smaller size class with more individual attention is the route you would like to go then Ascend should be able to meet your requirements.